NOTE: The official opening of the site isn't coming very soon (perfection takes even more time than originally thought). I promise it will be well worth the wait. Before sending me your comments of the current site, please read the FAQ. If you have any additional questions, click the Feedback link below.

UPDATE! 06/29/2022: The official RBI Hall Of Fame will be moving.

UPDATE! 09/16/2010: gets a very minor facelift on the opening page. Its considered a sketch of what is to come.

UPDATE! 08/28/2010: goes live (again) after a brief offline period during transition.

UPDATE! 07/16/2010: Formal agreement is reached to have hosted at the same location as the dee-nee forums.

UPDATE! 06/19/2010: FAQ just received a round of updates. Please note the section promoting Travis' RBI Baseball Page.

UPDATE! 09/26/2009: A special evening of RBI Baseball action takes place at a member of the RBI Hall Of Fame's home...

UPDATE! 06/21/2008: In memory of Major League Baseball's "Hall Of Fame" game (R.I.P.), members of the RBI Hall Of Fame are announcing its own annual series of games. At a to be determined time each year, members of RBI's Hall Of Fame will play a series of games to celebrate the history of Major League Baseball's (now retired) Hall Of Fame game.

UPDATE! 11/05/2007: quietly celebrated its 10 year anniversary today. Updating of the data for the "ultimate" version of RBI will take place using 2007 data for the few select players that are effected.

UPDATE! 04/26/2007: The creative hiatus is officially over. During the last week, number crunching has resumed on the development of the official "ultimate" revision of RBI. This of course is the Hall Of Fame version spoken of last year. Batter ratings are being completed this week and analyzation for pitchers will follow. The many hours of hard work are expected to be appreciated later on this year. In other news, a title has been given to the profiles being written for the Hall Of Fame members, RBIographies. Finally, it needs to be said that history was repeated last evening. For the first time since May 7, 2000, and possibly only the second time ever, an RBI Hall Of Fame member pitched a perfect game vs. another RBI Hall Of Fame member. A "screen" shot of the final score can be seen here.

UPDATE! 09/06/2006: A lot of preliminary work has been started for the long talked about (and highly anticipated) "official opening" of the site. While no official time frame will be promised, it is certainly a lot closer than at any time in the past. It promises to be a major upgrade to the content here. In addition, the official "Hall Of Fame" version of RBI is being produced. While this version is only expected to be played by RBI Hall Of Fame members, it will receive some coverage here in the future. The amount of data being processed to come up with proper player ratings is impressive. It looks to be an elite version of the game.

UPDATE! 08/03/2006: Special thanks to members of the dee-nee RBI forum for providing helpful details and artwork regarding custom RBI cartridges. More information regarding custom RBI cartridges can now be found in the FAQ (which received several other updates).

UPDATE! 07/20/2006: The FAQ section has been updated (again). Other miscellaneous improvements to the navigation of the site were also done since the last update.

UPDATE! 06/20/2006: Official scans, scores, and standings from RBI action in the year 2000 have been added. The results of the "RBIT2K Tally" can be found in the Pictures section.

UPDATE! 05/02/2006: After three years of inactivity, shows some signs of life.

UPDATE! 03/25/2003: A scan of the RBI Madness Tournament has been put up in the Pictures section.

UPDATE! 12/02/2001: A scan of the New Year's 2000-2001 RBIT has been put up in the Pictures section.

UPDATE! 10/22/2001: New scans have been added to the Pictures section. The Glen Barker autographed copies of an RBI NES game and RBI NES booklet have been made available by special request! Also note the results of the 2001 Round Robin that took place in Albany, NY on Monday August 20, 2001. Thank you to our RBI friend Robin from Calgary, Alberta Canada for making the trip.

UPDATE! 08/24/2001: The NES RBI tournament in Jefferson City, MO will be on Saturday September 8th at 11:00am. Players must bring their own original NES controller (no imitations or gimics allowed). Fees will be $5-10, depending on the number of contestants that show up. Tournament will be at the Assembly of God in Jefferson City. If anyone is interested, they should e-mail Ryan Sharp ASAP. He can be reached at

UPDATE! 06/23/2001: A request for a NES RBI tournament in Jefferson City, MO has been made by Ryan Sharp. He can be reached at for more information. Please make sure to let him know what day(s) you can make it out there.

UPDATE! 06/03/2001: There has been a very minor update to the FAQ section of the web site. Sorry for the lack of updates. One day I will get this site where it needs to be. Another RBI site of interest can be found here.

UPDATE! 05/18/2000: The earliest stage of the Picture section is now open. Included are scans of the box to the original version of RBI and a picture of my arcade RBI machine. There are also scans of the scoresheets from some famous tournaments and games over the last 4 years. Click here to enter the Pictures section.

Also in the works are detailed profiles for real RBI Baseball players like you and I. This section will include a special feature on Major Leaguer Glen Barker of the Houston Astros who still has not forgotten his roots in this classic baseball game.

(Currently inactive) A 12 second (266K) loop of the RBI Theme should kick in while your checking out the teams. If anyone has a smoother loop they would like to submit for consideration let me know. Make sure to check out the stat pages for all the teams in the Nintendo and Arcade versions of the game!

UPDATE! 11/05/1997: is registered.

Have fun! - RBI Champ

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