Kevin's Late Summer Vacation Itinerary
    Friday September 7, 2001:
    • Check out the beach area
    • Leave Hampton Beach, NH
    • Arrive at Mount Washington, New Hampshire by 4:00pm (97 miles from Hampton Beach, NH)
    • See the valley and summit
    • Take the Cog Railway to the summit?
    • Stay the night wherever
    Saturday September 8, 2001:
    • Call Mom and wish her a happy birthday!
    • Leave Mount Washington, NH
    • Arrive Moose Head Lake, Maine by 6:00pm (215 miles from Mount Washington, NH)
    • Stay wherever for the night
    Sunday September 9, 2001:
    • Explore Moose Head Lake area
    • Check out Baxter State Park - Millinocket, Maine (88 miles from Moosehead Lake, ME)
    • Find a moose before dark!
    • Stay wherever for the night
    Monday September 10, 2001:
    • Leave Moose Head Lake or Baxter State Park Area
    • Arrive in Bangor, Maine (83 miles from Moosehead Lake, ME or 72 miles from Millinocket, ME)
    • Eat!
    • Arrive in Bar Harbor, Maine (48 miles from Bangor, ME)
    • Sunset at Acadia National Park
    • Stay the night wherever
    Tuesday September 11, 2001:
    • Sunrise at Acadia National Park
    • Leave for Portland, Maine (176 miles roughly south from Bar Harbor, ME)
    • Stop at Bull Moose Music in downtown
    • Leave Portland, ME for Old Orchard Beach, Maine
    • Check out the Portland Head Light (again - can you see it too many times?)
    • Stop at Two Lights State Park
    • Drive by Higgins Beach
    • Stay the night in Old Orchard Beach, ME (19 miles south of Portland, ME)
    Wednesday September 12, 2001:
    • Leave Old Orchard Beach, ME
    • Get some Wicked Good ice cream in York, Maine (34 miles south of Old Orchard Beach)
    • See the Cape Neddick lighthouse (again!)
    • Drive through New Hampshire / Massachusetts
    • Arrive in Rhode Island (138 miles from York, ME)
    • Check out the beach areas or lighthouses in Rhode Island
    • Stop in or around Newport, RI?
    • Stay the night wherever
    Thursday September 13, 2001:
    • Leave Rhode Island
    • Drive through Connecticut
    • Arrive in Yonkers, New York
    • Park car at Aunt Dotty's for the next 2 days (150 miles from Rhode Island)
    • Take subway into NYC around 6:00pm
    • Meet up with Sam who will be joining me for only the Cranes and Ned's shows
    • Cranes at the Limelight - 8:00pm (17 miles from Yonkers?)
    • Stay the night at Aunt Dotty's???
    Friday September 14, 2001:
    • Leave from wherever I stayed to go back to/through NYC via subway around 6:00pm
    • Ned's Atomic Dustbin at the Limelight - 8:00pm
    • Stay the night at Aunt Dotty's???
    Saturday September 15, 2001:
    • Leave NYC/Yonkers?
    • Arrive in Cape May, New Jersey (171 miles from Yonkers, NY)
    • Check out the beach area
    • Stay the night wherever
    Monday September 17, 2001:
    • Leave Washington, DC by 12:00 noon
    • Arrive in Baltimore, Maryland (38 miles from Washington, DC)
    • Check out The Sound Garden CD store
    • Arrive home by 12:00 midnight (325 miles from Baltimore, MD or 363 miles from Washington, DC)
    • Hug Tigger